Recruiting -Distribution For Vinyl, CD, Cassette Tape (Worldwide)


We are recruiting people depending on the purpose. Please download the document that refer to the application guidelines below.
also, each PDF is locked now. please Email to us as request. then we send password to you soon. Thank you.

Recruiting : Master License Owner And Copyright License Owner..
Do you want to sell your CD in Japan? let us support your business. explain to you that two simple method. as one, we will push your CD to big distribution company. they have connection to several big CD stores in Japan. (Minimum lot is 100 CD more.)   

Do you want to sell your BEAT in Japan? you don't needed pay  registration fee, or fee of the contract. let me know quickly now If you have more than 20-40 beats, in addition if you had been selling beats on site. The format of the sale is a sale all exclusive. never lease. Becomes a contract only if it can waive royalty. The market price as lower rate is _____-_____ usd. high rate is higher price than those price.. you can download our contract in here.