How to use the Mixtapediggaz? -Free download promotion and share for ya album

Hey yo fellaz. Im teching “how to use” on Mixtape Diggaz FB page.. Firstly, This page is not just FB page.. this is MOVEMENT for local artist or unsigned artist from whole world. Aight? I’m gonna telling you that why needs free download. This is PROMOTION for each artist activity. Major Label has selling albums. and major management company can be anything without selling album. so we underground Label or production are can be all selling our products. Making physical CD, Vineyl, analog tape, Tee-shirts.. and anykind of goods then we selling.. but We need “free download shit” as promotion only. If you want to advertise your fav’s artist, or yourself… Please use always this MIXTAPEDIGGAZ..

Lets get this PDF and pls read it! enjoy..!

Sammury of how to use the MixtapeDiggaz (PDF)



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