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-The Survivor Chronicles- 2013-2014

2014 has arrived. "It is better to concentrate on no conspiracy theory." This is common sense. But it's a sad fact of reason knows nothing isolated island. Intelligent people can not get out of rigid concepts. They are still going to be a piece of paper with the dust. Please consider you. About 99% (actually 95%) of the Earth community with a loss in humans. Hasten the meaning of democracy around the world. Terrorism, war and genocide are cleverly planted, is running a large scary terror in the name of religion, law and fact can shake. We are somehow he has to leave the political representative institutions. However, the government will crack down on people, not only functions as a window to exploitation. We can not be rich but also working and working.. So what this is? Natural disaster happens in the world, a weather phenomenon, "dogma" What put away with? There are lots of other, they are presented in my tracks..

Not all of nihilism is not built upon. This "Rap muzik" is a good chance of returning to nature, "Realism", which means that the results of real pursuit. I'm more cynical nihil, "social satire" to capture the message, which is the only part left is the RAW OF THE STREET. We do not want those with the conflicting information from the Internet to get this cover up.. Not, and they are different from the start, so you have read this message.. and I hope you'll understand..be glad..

The Survivor Chronicles – is planned for Kogeemo. This is part of a more in-depth Lyrical Assassin, ranging from unreleased songs released so far, and I realized, it will be a story focusing on important things.. Exaggerate the facts, fabricated propaganda (incitement), I really hate it. Like many things from it but a microcosm STREET.. Momentum is a favorite, as the origin, as a way of life of people, who must adhere to the weak position of sometimes flattering to the strong, it means that oppress the weak and the wrong scheme. Scheme and the bottom of the social problems in the scheme of oppression and no exaggeration to say this is not all. Extreme short curved muscle, accompanying discrimination, exploitation, he means them. I am not professional in any field official..!! Clearly asserts. I also dropped out of high school education. STREET born musician's ignorance of the so-called bottom. Until now we have the life that I "get used" to graduate from the moral world to learn, are acting to back up the power of real democracy. It is my belief. And this record, eager to start the wheels turning day to come help a lot..


全てはニヒリズムの上に成り立つ訳ではない。これは"Rap muzik"の本質に戻るいい機会であり、"現実主義”、それはつまり「リアルを追求した結果」。私はニヒルな皮肉より、「社会風刺」をメッセージに取り込んで、RAW OF THE STREETの部分を残しただけなのである。得意だって取り繕うインターネットの情報錯そう者達と一緒にしないでほしい。否、最初から別モノであるが故、これを読んでくださっている君にも理解いただければ幸いである。

The Survivor Chronicles -サヴァイバーの記録- と題したKogeemoの企画である。これはLyrical Assassinをより深く掘り下げた部分であり、これまでの発表曲から未発表曲に至るまで、気づいた事や、重要な事柄に焦点をあてた物語となる予定だ。事実を誇張し、捏造するプロパガンダ(煽動)する事が私はとても大嫌いだ。STREETでも縮図だから同様な事が多かった。勢いは好きであるが、原点として、人の生き方として、時に弱きを守らなければならない立場の者が、強きにへつらい弱きをくじく -間違った図式-を意味している。社会問題の底辺にある図式とは、全てこの弾圧の図式といっても過言ではないのだ。要するに筋の曲がった極論、そしてそれに付随する差別、搾取、これらを意味するのだ。私はなんら専門的な分野の関係者ではない。ハッキリと断言しておく。いわゆる無知の底辺のSTREET出身の音楽家だ。その私が今に至るまで生活してきた「慣れ」から卒業し、世界的道徳を学び、本当の民主の力をバックアップする為に行動している。これが私の信念だ。そして、この記録が、大いに役立つ日が来る事を切望し行動を開始する。

I am street survivor.. Kogeemo



1. [ Exposing the conspiracy ] 陰謀の解釈
-The survivor chronicles- episode 1

Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by Beatljuice (Mühlhausen, Thuringen, Germany)


2. [ Nuke ] 原発利権構造
-The survivor chronicles- episode 2

Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by MrMamadou the PiArt  (Dakar, Senegal)


3. [ Mind cracks, Mind control ] 洗脳演習
-The survivor chronicles- episode 3

Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by DJ SWORD KILLA  (Sicilia, Italy)


4. [ The Blue Flashing Light ] 青い閃光
-The survivor chronicles- episode 4

Lyric Written by 2011, Kogeemo and Dizar (Moscow. Russia)
Beat Produced by Kwervo Beats (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
Cut by Leenox (Reims, France)


5. [ Deep Science ] 考    察
-The survivor chronicles- episode 5

Lyric Written by 2011, Kogeemo and Life Scientist (NJ, U.S.A.)
Beat Produced by Nakmuay (Metz, France)


6. [ Ecinomic Killer ] 経済的暗殺者
-The survivor chronicles- episode 6

Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by Bencredit Production (dresden, Saxony Germany)


7. [ Dangerous Consensus ] 王手飛車 
-The survivor chronicles- episode 7

Lyric Written by 2013, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by Inosang Beat (Paris, France)


8. [ Dystopia ] 暗黒郷 
-The survivor chronicles- episode 8

Lyric Written by 2013, Kogeemo and MC Drastyck Meaxurez (Brooklyn, NYC, U.S)
Beat Produced by Badprod Rikordz (Paris, France)


9. [ Patriot or traitor ] 場面師 
-The survivor chronicles- episode 9

Lyric Written by 2013, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by Ill Majestic Beats (Virginia, USA)


10. [ Slaying The Medusa ] 蛇の道は蛇
-The survivor chronicles- episode 10

Lyric Written by 2014, Kogeemo
Beat Produced by Sickmind 193 (Athens, Greece)






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