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She is alternative and plays an active part in electro music industry. she active around Montreal of Canada. Where would KOGEEMO RECORDINGS feel HIPHOP and the possibility that it could fuse in COLABO with her? In a word, it is a singing voice.. Being an artist thinking about a view of the world of the poetry carefully. And the singing voice must have beauty above all. Such COLABO was realized here.

オルタナティブ、そしてエレクトロの音楽業界で活躍する彼女。カナダのモントリオールを中心に活動します。 KOGEEMO RECORDINGSが、彼女とのCOLABOにおいて、HIPHOPと融合できる可能性を何処で感じたのでしょうか?それは一言で言えば歌声です。 詩の世界観を大事に考えるアーティストであること。そして何よりもその歌声が美しさを持っていなければならない。そういったCOLABOがここで実現しました。

Q1. about your self-introduction.

A1. RED EMERY Behind the name Red Emery stands someone who lives for music. Music is a remedy and a necessity. A get away. It’s a lifestyle, a state of mind. Its adrenaline, almost a sin.

レッドエメリーという名前には「音楽のために生きる人」という意味を隠し表しているわ。 音楽というのは何かを治療する必要性だと思うの。「逃げる」 これはライフスタイル、そして心の状態です。その原因となるアドレナリンのほとんどが罪だと思うわ。

Q2. about your past backbone as singer.

A2. RED EMERY I’ve been singing since the age of seven. I started because it was an easy thing, and only later, around twelve, I really started taking singing lessons seriously. It was no longer just me and a piano, I was standing in a studio, and man that was hot! At that time, I really knew I wanted to be part of the music business. I just didn’t know right off from the start that I needed to be more than a singer. When I hit the age of 15, I realised I wanted to be a songwriter too.


Q3. who is artist that influence you?

A3. RED EMERY The bands or singers that most influenced me are certainly Queen Adreena with their amazing singer Katie Jane Garside, Portishead, Garbage, Sneaker Pimps, Jack Off Jill, Alice in Videoland, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Morcheeba, The Cranes, Thievery Corporation, Kidney Thieves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bjork, Genitorturers. These artists were there to accompany me through the moments, good and bad. They all inspired me in their own way, as part of one big remedy.

バンドやシンガーで最も、そして確実に影響を受けたのが、Queen Adreena をはじめとした多くの素晴らしいシンガー達よ。 Katie Jane Garside, Portishead, Garbage, Sneaker Pimps, Jack Off Jill, Alice in Videoland, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Morcheeba, The Cranes, Thievery Corporation, Kidney Thieves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bjork, Genitorturers… これらのアーティストの曲を聞いた瞬間に「良いも悪いも」全てが私のシンガーとしての影響になったわ。彼らは皆オリジナルなやり方で、1つの大きな「救い」みたいなものとして私を奮い立たせたの。


Q4. What kind of artist do you usually collaborate with?

A4. RED EMERY It’s my second collaboration with a rap artist, and the first time I have the pleasure of collaborating with someone on the other side of the planet. At present, I’m busy with my album project (Leachate), Martin Riopel does the arrangements for me, so I think I can call him my producer. I am also the singer of a band (Crystal Crane Creation), so I have to work with three guys, a much harder thing to do, trust me!

私がラップアーティストとコラボレーションするのは2回目だわ。そして初めて、地球の裏側の誰かと互いに協力して、この喜びを持てたのよ! 現在、私のアルバムのプロジェクト(Leachate)で多忙だけれど、Martin Riopelがプロジェクトの準備などを行っているので、私にとっての 制作者は彼が相応しいと思うわ。 そして私はCrystal Crane Creation(クリスタル・クレーン・クリエーション)というバンドのシンガーでもあるので、3人のメンバー達もそうね。とってもハードな制作をする彼らはすごいわ!本当よ!

Q5. When you compose ya tracks, what kind of policy is there?

A5. RED EMERY Usually I start off with a drum beat, and sometimes with the bass or a melody with whatever instrument I have at hand. It always depends on the theme of the song I have in mind, and of the mood I’m in. And I guess my inspiration comes from my everyday life, from my personal experiences, and that of my family and friends. I look around, I feel around.

ドラムのビートに合わせて。そして、時々ベースやメロディーなんかも加えたりするの。まぁどんなインストでも大丈夫!たいていできるわ! いつもは曲のテーマに沿って私のマインドで、そして曲全体のムードで決まってくるの。自分で思うには、自分のインスピレーションが、 自分の毎日の生活や人生経験からやってくると思うの。自分の家族や友人なんかもそうね。自分の周りを探せば感じ取れるのよ!

Q6. tell an impression about a collaboration with this KOGEEMO and BENCREDIT(beatmaker).

A6. RED EMERY I really enjoyed collaborating with Kogeemo, it was the challenge of the distance, he’ a patient and understanding man and artist. And he gave me my first opportunity to collaborate with an artist out of my country! Thanks!


Q7. Finally, give me a message for people reading this.

A7. RED EMERY Thank you people for reading all that stuff. It’s always appreciated to be able to share! Hope you enjoy the song. And hope you enjoy Red Emery’s project too, since it’s coming along. Take Care. Peace.

これを読んでくれている皆さん!そしてスタッフの方!とっても有難う!このような(音楽的な価値観)シェアはとっても嬉しいです。 是非、この曲を楽しんで欲しいわ。そしてレッドエメリーの事も、それからアルバムや新譜もチェックしてね!それでは!ピース!


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