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Kogeemo New tunes/new colaboz!!

New drop full-album for download free…!!! its album including 27 tracks by Apoka Undaground (France).. It is promotioni this graet work which he make use of the connection of all parts of the world and made to everybody for leading in FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Apoka Undaground Presents : GALACTIK LEGION / V.A.
All Sickk produced by Apoka Undaground




Rest in peace Nikita aka Steel face (Russia)..

Kogeemo's  New shyt.. this track for "R.i.p. Nikita Malyal aka Steel face. he was sickk beat maker.. "Forever young"..  Kogeemo led to composition in order to declare the too early death and our mission left again. It is the music that this is specialized in STEEL FACE and made, but puts various implication. He wanted my music during the lifetime, but was not able to come true. Therefore I just came over at the time of all. rest in peace…

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi "Fuck Ruste Juxx" ストリートの疾走感溢れるいい作品。



Wu-tang clanがスイスでのGIGを決行!この人の集まりを見よ!




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