[ Mogari-Bue 虎落笛 ] JKrazy Ft. Kogeemo [Prod.] DJ JOON


Mogari-Bue is the skill to just come up of a drama of Lone Wolf and Cub. It becomes the skill pro-evolution of existing Kubi-kesa-giri. its hear a sound of the spray of the blood like whiz by cutting the neck bottom of the enemy thinly.. It is thought that it was named by giving the sound such as the flute.. When wind of the winter is strong, the meaning of "the Mogari=虎落" of Mogari-Bue means a sound when it blows through a window and the fence.. Original meaning, it originate in it from the fence of the bamboo fence to avoid a tiger in China. This COLABO is a youth of California called JKRAZY. There is the connection from SKULL DAMAGE is California's MC.. he is FOT-related. And a collaboration connection with DJ JOON (FRANCE) which was our sworn friend reached this work production. The poetic description of JKRAZY is right good for LYRICAL ASSASSIN regardless of age.. It may be said that it is a really strenuous effort. I say horror description only in U.S.A., or you will understand expression of the courage to confront fear very clearly.

虎落笛(もがり笛)とはちょうど子連れ狼の劇中で出てくる首袈裟斬り(実存する技)の進化系の技になる。敵の首下を薄く斬る事によって血の飛沫が「ピュ~」と笛のような音を出す事から名づけられたと思われる。虎落笛(もがり笛)とは冬場の風が強い時に窓や柵を吹き抜ける時の音を言う。元来の意は中国の虎避けの竹垣の柵を虎落と読んだそうです。今回のCOLABOはJKRAZYというカリフォルニアの若者。FOTでの関連にてロスのMCであるSKULL DAMAGEからの流れである。そして我々の盟友であるDJ JOON(FRANCE)とのコラボつながりから今回の作品製作に至った。JKRAZYの詩的な描写は正に年齢に関係なくLYRICAL ASSASSINにふさわしい。実に懸命な努力であると言える。アメリカならではのホラー描写というか、恐怖に立ち向かう勇気の表現が手に取るように解るだろう。

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[ Mogari-Bue 虎落笛 ] JKrazy Ft. Kogeemo -English version-
(Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo aka Neckcutta Kila+JKrazy)
[Prod.] DJ JOON

Verse>>>1 JKrazy

I flip my katana so I can release my blade vertically.
I rip threw alata cloths of shames by slashing perfectly your asking for mercy g it.
I ain't gonna happen because the serpent sees the evil in me always laughing
and I'm slashing straight outer passion no captions just rations to my satisfaction of my demented actions.
I wear scented ashes of my foes after they die and as there sole passes I grab a hold.
and take the light and when the cold masses establish a hold with strength..
and might I bestow clashes of evil and lengthy felsite so I'm born right..
I have sworn strife in the manner of disaster..
and torn lifes I have been informed thrice I tatter your brain matter before you can even count to 04 twice..
I don't ignore nice because it will mostly be an act your face implore lies..
so I look closely to see if its a trap to get me into a thor vice to be chocking bluntly..
its hard to relax but I found a pass and its my weapon that I can slash enemies in half to fast without digression..
so I attack and hack in seconds the clash is long to pass too many henchmen..
they can't match my class as a swords men..
I dash and a flash goes towards them there hoard is frozen..
then I go in for the kill some are grabbing there face some of there eyes were peeled..
there fates were all sealed the taste was in awe like eel my faceplate was a jaw
from a needled enemy after I emended decapitation..
my youngest son was killed in the mongol invasion this equation brutally made me in to a cased man
so I tend to use my evasion to sneak up intuitively..
and use penetration of my blade to concave your chest plate fluently you can't evade..
I will rest fate indubitably you submit when you commit hate seppuku irrationally to me..
you cowardly man is everlasting you flabbergasted being..


Verse>>>2 Kogeemo

A pure white canvas. Shall I express the blood even with cold to freeze?
It is the winter less than the freezing point.
It is the song which I let wind and snow blow, and cools heat. /
In the present age when we did not have a sword, eloquent people increase and are tyrannical.
It is the obstinate oppression and assault to a nonresistant person like slasher -Tsuji-giri-./
All repeats saturation and the drying up. we desire a "game" earnestly, and,
entertainment to come out of competition, the people repeat life and death again./
Like the ex-late Tokugawa period, I parted from the person who learned to the person who left it.
they laugh at both sides being old together and it is new and can watch omen to praise to the skies as./
Even if they gather with "peace", the inside is divided. It is fate of the person and me who separate it.
Does everybody not censor it by obliging willingly? It is me who am disillusioned by the habit./
changed morality into a cover in religion. they say that it is common sense and put people in a frame.
Are we not fastened in "the measures to divide to the right and the left?"/
Their proposal is an exercise of the purges.
There is an edge on the wall, and there are eyes to the window. (watched.)
The guy who wants to interfere it sticks out forcibly in that way./
The person who preaches only good, The person who spreads only a smile,
The person who does not fit of the consistency, The person whom it has a lot of lies../
A color, the environment that grew up of words and the skin is different in each person.
Therefore let's watch it closely for reaction to understand if we judge it from instinct.
Because we have common universality, as for all the people, I thoroughly enjoy it./
Evil disturbs the heart of the person,
and we can ascertain that we do an invitation to let you make an alternation
if we perform the gaze method that mentioned above. It is true discrimination to hold a mean way./
Read the true intention that the partner hides. When the next way of the enemy,
an enemy appear, we abandon a pardon and challenge it. It is the art of the sword./
you can't avoid my sword,  Ima Neckcutta Kila, becuz' like ya mind reader,
it's not  judgment on the surface, seems to be mind mirror/
"A way of the swords" is "a way of the hearts."
The sword of words is similar, too. we sink jealousy and anger,
and always promise that yall read the heart of the enemy./
By the way… It must be an assassinator to assassinate artistically and splendidly.
It is important that I delete a sign and spirit.
I watch it closely while considering their lateness not to be able to notice./
I am cut only the "vocal cords" of the enemy's neck.
It is the hidden ritual that a neck gushes spray of the blood.
It is called the "Mogari-bue" that you know hear a sound crying like a cold wintry wind./
It is good for death of Big mouth. awwww what splendid!
"Let listen up them the tone of one's flute, and to spoil" until they die../
Assassinate name is虎落笛



[ Mogari-Bue 虎落笛 ] JKrazy Ft. Kogeemo
(Lyric Written by 2012, Kogeemo aka Neckcutta Kila+JKrazy)
[Prod.] DJ JOON

Verse>>>1 JKrazy



Verse>>>2 Kogeemo

真っ白いキャンバス・ 血も凍る寒さと言うか/氷点を下回る冬場/風雪を吹かし熱を冷ます歌/
you can't avoid my sword,  Ima Neckcutta Kila/becuz' like ya mind reader, /
it's not  judgment on the surface, seems to be mind mirror/
時に… 芸術的・かつ華麗に暗殺する刺客/消し去る気配と気迫/気づけないお前の遅延さを睨む/

Assassinate name is虎落笛

KOGEEMO aka Neckcutta Kila



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