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Please introduce yourself.

A: Peace to the Universe. This is the Mighty Ras Kalipssus hailing from Medellin, Colombia. Rapper, Reggae Artist and a lifetime server of Jah.


as Colombian, you do COLABO with underground HIPHOP artists of the world and make an outstanding performance at once.. Did you make several tracks until now?

A : Yes, the work with my familia world wide has been a really constructive experience for me as an artist as well as a human being. Now I have many amazing collaborations with a lot of a lot of awakened souls, MC’s and Producers and I’m sure there’s many more to come to our way since my ideology of Hip Hop kulture is to spread and manifest the Peace, Love, Unity to the Universe so I love to spread and leave the message of the Creator from my personal experiences with HIS/HER Creation.

Yes.. その仕事は家族達と一緒に世界的に本当に一人のアーティストである俺にとって、とっても良い人として、建設的な経験となってきたんだ。今では、多くのアメージングなコラボを沢山の目覚めた魂たちと、そしてMC達、プロデューサー達と行ってきたよ。もっと沢山の事柄が訪れる為に、俺達の道のりの為に、それ故に俺のHIPHOPカルチャーが広まるイデオロギーだと確信しているんだ。 平和、愛、それらを国際的に示すんだよ。それですそ野を広げて、俺の経験上からのクリエーターとしてのメッセージを彼/彼女らのクリエーションと一緒に残していくんだ。

Q: あなたの一番尊敬する人について教えてください。また、その影響から、どうやって音楽へ転化するのですか?
Please tell it to us.. about most infullance person. In addition, from the influence, how do you transform into ya music?

A: Well, as an artist I have many influences, not only music but in general. I’m mainly influenced by the struggle of our black people during the Afrikan diaspora, the ancient civilizations such as the Mayas, Egypt and Sumeria, Ancient tribes and cultures, worldwide revolutions, Gnostic science, herbalism, Sacred Geometry and the true history of our Universe. Musically I’ve been influenced by many types of music such as Jazz, Blues, R&B, RAP, Funk, Electrofunk, Reggae, Dance Hall, Calypso, Socca, Trip Hop, Drum n Bass.
I consider myself a very versatile person, and this is reflected on my music. I learn from my daily experiences as a passenger in this travel called life and every teaching I get is somehow reflected in the music I make.



Q: AFFRONATIVOZは最高のコンビネーションを誇るあなたのグループですね。最近の活動状況を知らせてください。
AFFRONATIVOZ are group proud of the best combination of you. Please inform recent activities.

A: AfroNattyVoz is my crew, currently we’re working on the Album “El Camino al Paraiso” (The Road to Paradise) with Kwervo (Hellbound) sending much love and respect to my homie and all the Demonios Sekt familia. We’re also working on “Insurgencia SubUrbana” with LAV Producciones which is the record label of Viktor Maytlan, the place where we have worked since day one with the group.

アフロ・ナティボズは俺のクルーだよ。最近は俺達のアルバム “El Camino al Paraiso” (The Road to Paradise)ではとても尊敬し敬愛するベルギーのBEAT-PRODUCERであるKWERVOと、彼らの大御所クルーであるDemonios Sekt達と一緒に作ったんだ。又他の仕事として、“Insurgencia SubUrbana”をViktor MaytlanレーベルであるLAV Productionsとも仕事したよ。俺達グループでは結成時から何処の誰とでも仕事して来たよ。

Q: コロンビアが誇る最高の歴史、そしてあなたのHIPHOP。これらを全くしらない日本人へどのようにアプローチしていきたいですか?
best history that Colombia is proud, and Y'all good style HIPHOP.. How do you want to approach the Japanese? (they don't know Y'all HIPHOP)

A: I’m talking from my personal travels when I state that Colombia is the best country in the whole world, I had the experience of traveling trough all of this country, meeting and learning from very interesting peoples and the mix of cultures, races and ideologies is amazing. For me Colombia represents the eternal source of nature and its beautiful manifestation of creation. In our music we talk about our livity in the Colombian streets and the experiences we have, all I got to say to our family in Japan is that the Colombian music, and specially Hip Hop Music and Kulture is taking its place in the world so this goes beyond the sound, this is why I invite the people of Japan to come and visit Colombia, learn about our people, culture, land, history and sounds.



Mighty Kalipssus : The Riddim hunta (2009 ALBUM)..

U can freedownload it now!

U can download for free!!!

Q: 日本へはどんな興味を抱きますか?また、日本へ来るとすればあなた方は一番にしたいことは何ですか?

A: What kind of interest do you have towards Japan? In addition, what is it to want to make you the first if Y'all come to Japan?

For me Japan is a main influence of survival and struggle of the communities, thinking and working as ONE for the good of the whole country and culture. Japan has an amazing natural environment and ways of living in which I’m very interested of learning directly from the people, also learn about the art forms and Ancient knowledge that Japan has to offer about the human body (physically) and spiritually. The first thing I want to do when I step on Japan is to roll up and light up a fat joint!! , then visit some ghettos, and chill with the people who feels my music and teach to those who don’t.
Thank you for this opportunity and I encourage all my Japanese familia to enjoy and learn from the Colombian sounds of wisdom.






いかがでしょうか?このインタビューを通じて彼、マイティー・カリプサスの素晴らしい人柄を少しでも感じ取ってもらって彼の曲に共感していただければと思います。是非、日本へ遊びに来る機会を作れるように今後もKOGEEMO RECORDINGSは皆さんへ素晴らしい音楽提供ができるよう務めていきますので宜しく!


(0523 2012追記)

The Fieldz Of Terrorで参加した彼らでコラボ曲が完成。そしてPVへと完成した!是非、チェックしてください。

Estado De Emergencia by Mighty Kalipssus featuring YedidYah Ben Sion




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